Set it Off in Portland, Maine – April 18, 2022

Tampa, FL’s rock band Set It Off had stopped by State Theatre in Portland, ME on a Monday night, letting fans start their week the best way possible. The theatrical elements of the venue gave the performance a very intimate feeling, and complimented the bizarre props that accompanied the band. 

Shallow Pools

The night started off with the Boston based indie-pop band, Shallow Pools. Fans who arrived early were surely in for a treat, as they were stellar. This LGBTQ+ friendly band had this empowering aura around all the members, as they connected with the ever-growing crowd.

Cherie Amour

With the energy still climbing, Baltimore’s Cherie Amour started their set off to an abrupt cheering from fans. If you really enjoy pop-punk (who doesn’t), you’d really enjoy their sound and energy that they brought to the show. One of the best parts of their set was how unique each song sounded, as typically pop-punk bands are notorious for sounding ‘all the same.’ You wouldn’t have that issue from them.

No Love for the Middle Child

The last of the opening acts before Set It Off, LA-based (originally from Philadelphia) No Love for the Middle Child left the crowd emotional and connected. When a performer can be raw, realistic, and connect with their audience, it makes you genuinely want to be a fan of them and watch their growth. NLFTMC had me invested with their performance and at times just watching out of the pure interest and love they had for performing for the audience. Also, who doesn’t appreciate someone just whipping out a cello? How cool is that?

Set It Off

Starting about 15 mins before Set It Off played, you could start to hear over the intercom weird bits of music and sayings. It was almost a tease for the fans, but they happily sung along with some popular songs that catered to the alternative, younger scene. Finally gracing the stage, Set It Off played songs such as “Skeleton”, “Projector”, “Killer in the Mirror” and many more that had the fans hyped. The way that the State Theatre is laid out gave fans a very intimate performance with the band, which they were anxiously waiting for all night. The immersive set design also catered to the band’s energy which never let up throughout the night. I remember specifically the props that adorned the front of the stage—these massive camera-faced men in suits. The prop design was just so fun to look at, you get almost absorbed into finding new things to stare at for 10 minutes wondering what it is. Make sure you check out Set It Off’s local tour dates and attend a show!

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