Sean Paul Heats up Boston – April 22, 2022

Jamaican dancehall rapper Sean Paul brought the party to Boston on Friday night, kicking off the Scorcha U.S. tour. The House of Blues was packed with a diverse crowd, ready for the perfect end-of-week party. 

The atmosphere felt like walking into a nightclub instead of a concert venue. It was clear that the crowd walking in was ready to let go and have a good time. DJ Pup Dawg was in charge of the music early on, warming up the crowd with a wide selection of 90’s and 2000’s hits, mixed in with recent tunes, from hip hop to reggaeton. The room was almost full and every single person in the venue was up and dancing. 

The band slowly took their spots on the stage, with excitement building up, and the music getting louder by the second. Joined by dancers, Sean Paul took over to get the party started. The singer would kick the show off with “No Lie” and straight into mega hit “Get Busy”, driving the audience crazy. The smooth transitions between songs and rock solid band made the sound large and exciting, incorporating vocal tracks from his many duets, such as Dua Lipa, Sia, and the iconic “Baby Boy” featuring Beyonce. 

The party would continue with bangers like “Gimme The Light”, “Like Glue” and “Temperature”, as well as new single “Scorcha”, as part of his upcoming album of the same name. Excited to be back in Boston and performing live, Sean Paul’s energy was contagious and had the crowd dancing all night long, a welcome change of pace. In times when having a good time feels like a luxury, Sean Paul’s Scorcha Tour is a blast.

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