Dirty Heads in Pittsburgh, PA – July 5, 2022

Nothing quite says summer like a Dirty Heads tour. The reggae rock group from California embarked on their Let’s Get it Kraken tour a few weeks ago, and made a stop at the Stage AE in Pittsburgh.

Their unique blend of reggae, rock, and hip-hop make Dirty Heads a must-see in concert, and especially during the summer. They opened with “Medusa,” a bass-thumping rap song that certainly brought the crowd to their feet. The crowd sang along to each song as they gracefully transitioned into each new song, picking a few songs from each of their albums. A wide variety of songs allowed co-lead vocalists Jared Watson and Dustin Bushnell to show off their range with slower acoustic songs like “Cabin by the Sea,” to more rap-heavy songs like “Franco Eyed.” They also played their newest release, “Life’s Been Good,” a reggae-inspired cover of Joe Walsh’s 1978 track of the same name, with the addition of new rapped verses. 

They finished up the show with an encore of “Sloth’s Revenge,” a crowd favorite for the lyrics, and “Vacation,” which gained them more listeners for the viral TikTok trend. Be sure to catch them on another stop of the tour, which continues through the summer before wrapping up in mid-August. 

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