September 2013


Have you ever stumbled upon a band, and instantly fell in love? Well I have. I went to a show and saw ‘I Prevail’ open up for, someone that I don’t remember. I was instantly hooked. I followed them on any social media site I could, I listened to the album as many times as I could fit into a day. I even plan on getting a tattoo like the ones they have. Then one of them mentioned that he recommended listening to a band called “Dangerkids”, so I rushed off to the internet to check them out.

At first listen, they were just your average rock band. The next Linkin Park. They were just 5 kids from Ohio that formed a band in 2012. Tyler Smith on vocals, Alex Asch on guitar, Andy Bane also on vocals and Jake Bonham on bass and Katie Cole on drums.

Wait, a female drummer?! Well now you have my attention.

The first song on the album is called “Countdown”, and “Let’s go” is screamed out. Every part of my body is ready to go. My head is bobbing, my hands are clapping along. I am attempting to sing, to words I have never heard before. It was so infectious, I wanted more.

Then I stumbled upon “Paper Thin”. The electronic beat is amazing, the vocals are intense. One second he’s singing, crisp and clear. Then theres a creepy whisper. Then a deep, guttural scream.

Then I started to listen to the lyrics. “I feel my heart caving in, this line I’m walking on is paper thin, and its hard to hide the scar beneath the skin, cause I’ve been burned and broke and I wanted out, but I’m better now, and I know I won’t be giving in.”

Music, to me, is medicine for the soul. It suppose to make you feel something. It can lift you up, and bring you peace. It can make you feel sad, empowered, or angry. It can heal you, it can give you a reason to live, a reason to move on.

I needed that song. On bad days, on good days, It’s my go-to song. It is a reminder not to give in, to keep going with my head held high.

In my opinion, this group is just more than the average rock band. I can’t wait for new material, for more tour dates, for more fans.

The countdown starts now, how long till you join me on the Dangerkids bandwagon?

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