May 2016

Barkhouse was a one night event that has flourished into one of Brooklyn’s finest groups. The trios’ latest release is short, but sweet. By sweet, I of course mean, non-stop head bobbin, toe tapping, bass slapping, rock n’ roll goodness. Will de Zengotit, Jay Mort and Olmo Tighe released “Neverdays”, as a follow up to “Wolves At The Wall”. It is only 4 songs long, but it is jam packed with great guitar riffs, interesting lyrics and songs to play on repeat. The title track ‘Neverdays’, is a non-stop rock song. It starts with an interesting guitar riff, and the vocals are perfection. Will sounds strong, emotional, and a little frightening at times. It ends with a drawn out guitar note, then you play it again, and again. Maybe one more time after that for good measure.

Barkhouse-Behind-The-Curtains-Media-The song that really stands out to me, is ‘Salinas’. It swings from a slow paced song, to a up-beat rock tempo and then comes back down. The vocals change with the music as well, getting more powerful as the song intensifies. I love when he sings “You said a bigger fish could never be fried, well I’ve got my hook”. He draws out the word “Hook” and it draws me in. The song is not exactly vague, but I’m not sure if I’m reading it right. I think he’s singing about a break up, in which he is moving on, but still hopes the other party life falls apart. I love a good break up song.

The EP was released on May 13th, and I highly suggest you take a moment to check them out.

1) Neverdays
2) Salinas
3) Calendar
4) The Fever

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