War Games

The Thong Song
May 2016

War Games recently brought back all my high school memories. They remade “The Thong Song”. It was originally released in 1999 by Sisqo. It got him 4 grammy nominations, and even hit number 1 on billboards hot R&B single.

wargamesWar Games is usually known for their uplifting and inspirational songs. They really stepped out of their comfort zone for this classic hip hop song. Everything about it is great.

Kyle Therrien and Andy Calheta go a great job on vocals, they don’t sound as clean as Sisqo did, but this is the rock version after all. Ian Provost and Matt DiLecce (and Andy on bass) play all the right chords. You can headbang, AND dance to this song.

For 5 guys from a small town in Southern Massachusetts, I am truly impressed with what they have put out. Doing a cover, and doing it right isn’t always easy.

Take a listen below and let us know what you think!

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