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13 Voices


In the spirit of Warped Tour, we thought we should mention that Sum 41 has a new album coming out on October 7th, titled 13 Voices. We have been trying to feature up and coming artists, but that doesn’t mean we should overlook the veterans!

Sum 41 is a Canadian rock band that was formed in 1996. A punk rock, alternative band, that really ecompasses the skater style. The members of the band have changed over the years, but the current line up is solid. Right now they have Deryck Whibley, Dave Brownsound, Jason ‘Cone’ McCaslin, Tom Thacker and Frank Zummo all lending their talents to their upcoming release and tour.

sum41They will be one of the headlining bands on the Vans Warped Tour for a majority of the summer. Hopefully playing some of their old hits, and the new material. After that they will be playing 10 different festivals overseas to close out the summer.

The first release of this album is titled “Fake My Own Death”. It’s a song Deryck Whibley wrote about wanting to just fake his death and start over. Alcoholism, and health problems resulting from it are the cause of his pain. He spent so much time in the hospital recovering from his liver and kidneys collapsing, that he had side effects such as internal bleeding and muscle atrophy

Now sober, Deryck is back and ready to rock! Check them out at your local Vans Warped Tour date, pre order the album HERE and check out the video below!

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