Royal Plaza Trade Convention Center
Marlborough, MA
April 2017




New England Super Megafest Comic-Convention is an event I have been attending for years. This year’s Spring Edition (April 97-9th) was held at the Royal Plaza Trade Convention Center and was nothing short of HOT. Literally. By the time I arrived in my sugar skull cosplay outfit, I wish I had worn something along the lines of Princess Leia’s gold bikini.

The Little Mermaid in her Jurassic Park Jeep

The Little Mermaid in her Jurassic Park Jeep

Most of these conventions are the same. You have panels, celebrity photo ops and autographs, cosplayers and vendors. The celebrities can vary from show to show depending on demand and availability, and vendors can change, but similar products can be found at all. This is a comic-book convention, but you are more likely to find pop culture gadgets and artwork rather than the old fashion paper back.

So now you are asking, why go back? Why go to all the different conventions? Because at this convention, I saw Ariel, with her human legs driving around a Jurassic Park jeep being protected by Deadpool. I tried to speak with Gorilla Grodd, but it ended up being him speaking and messing up my hair (see that interview here!). I was able to speak with Jennifer Rose who is an awesome cosplayer/seamstress who makes her own outfits. As a cosplayer wanna-be, it was great to hear how she started and what I could do to get myself going. (I was just asking for a “friend”). You can see my interview with Jennifer here. I was able to pick up a limited edition Terri Dragon, and see Will Wheaton’s Q&A.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton

Thats right folks, for the price of admission I was able to sit in the audience and take part in a Question and Answer panel with Will Wheaton. I didn’t actually ask him a question, but it was interesting to listen to him chat with audience members about Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and his love of Pitfalls. His line after the panels for autographs was something like a theme park ride line. It snaked around and around, filled with eager fans ready to hand over there hard earned cash to have a few minutes of Wil’s time.

He wasn’t the only celebrity there, there was everyone from past wrestlers, movie stars, playboy bunnies, and that boy band star from the best 90’s boy band. Yes, Chris Kirkpatrick from *NSYNC was there. You weren’t thinking I meant Backstreet Boys were you?

The vendor floor seemed much more crowded and compact then it has in years past. There also seemed to be more vendors that had props for taking pictures. The living room area from the hit show Stranger Things was there, along with someone who set up with a green screen to put you into your choice of pre-loaded scenes. There also seems to be more food vendors creeping in, like steak samples and chocolate Nesquick, which is odd, but I guess free if your stomach wants a little something. There were also the local charities set up to collect donations by providing a fun service. The Ghostbusters, and Star Wars 501st division were there, to take fun pictures and collect a donation in return.

This show is never a let down, and I will continue to go to their Spring and Fall shows, as long as they keep putting them on!


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