Matchbox Twenty
Counting Crows

Mansfield, MA
September 8, 2017

“A Brief History of Everything Tour 2017” had the Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty spending another summer tour season together.

Counting Crows are a blast from my past. The stage set up was absolutely amazing. Strings of lights that echoed the Golden Gate Bridge, which was perfect for this Bay Area band. Lead singer Adam Duritz looked and sounded just like I remembered. There were also more hits than I remembered. One after another, they kept coming, bringing all the teenage memories of broken hearts along with it.  They performed “Colorblind” which I had never heard, but have since fallen in love with. An old band, with a new to me song, was definitely the highlight of my night!

Matchbox Twenty, with Frontman Rob Thomas, would have to have a really bad performance for me to think anything less than them being absolute perfection. This Orlando based band has been an international success since there debut album in 1996. Tonight they played all their hits, including “Bent,” “She’s so Mean,” “Disease,” “3 am” and fifteen more songs.

The band has taken breaks from time to time, but this tour brought them all together again. Rob, Paul, Brian, and Kyle all returned, the stars aligned and all was right with the world. For the night at least.

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