Clairo at Tabernacle Atlanta – April 16, 2022

On April 16th, Clairo played the first of 2 shows at Tabernacle Atlanta, closing out the Sling Tour. Clairo provided soft and comfortable live vocals, and a full band of live instrumentation, including saxophone and keyboards. The show felt very personal and pleasant, almost as if it was just you and the performers. The church-like venue and peaceful and neutral stage design and visuals really draws the audience in. The show started off with Clairo’s more slow and acoustic songs, then eventually more upbeat and pop oriented songs like her breakout hit “Pretty Girl” and “Sofia, ” which had the whole audience singing along. Clairo for sure knows how to bring calm and peaceful auras as well as upbeat energy to her shows.

Sling is the second studio album by the young musician, and took a very different approach to her usual bedroom pop sound. The title was after her beloved dog Joanie’s harness/sling, so she decided this should be the title after spending so much time with her over quarantine. Clairo states Joanie heavily influenced the album, that Joanie helped her make a safe living environment, which she didn’t make for herself before. Sling brought a more acoustic and folk singer/songwriter sound with even more deep and personal lyrics then its predecessor 2018 album Immunity. Sling touched on subjects such as upcoming adulthood and experiences with being sexualized. The young artist is a natural storyteller, putting hidden themes and messages all throughout her work so everyone can get something out of the record.

Clairo and her band had an absolutely phenomenal performance, and brought everything expected from an indie/ folk concert. This wraps up her 2nd US tour, and she is currently doing multiple festivals but what is next for the young artist? She already has 2 studio albums and one EP. At the young age of 22, Clairo is a powerhouse of instrumental, lyrical and performative talent.

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